1/ Design is visual communication.

Design can communicate a message bigger than pictures and words. Design can create a mood, educate, change opinions, and it's a tool that must be used judiciously.

2/ The details matter.

Paying attention to the small things is a critical piece of the design process. Asking questions and spending time in research leads to successful outcomes.

3/ Simplicity.

More doesn't always equal better. Strategic planning and editing are key to the development of an outstanding product.

4/ Process is golden.

Great ideas are ultimately the result of lots of ideas, good, bad and otherwise. Exploration is central to each project.

5/ Status quo has to go.

Mediocrity won't fly here. Making things that are "good enough" isn't a worthwhile endeavor. Every project is a challenge to excellence.

6/ Giving back is important.

Whether it's sharing time, knowledge or money, giving to others always creates a positive chain reaction.

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From a young age, Rachel knew she wanted to create digital experiences. The educational computer games at her local library were intended to teach kids a few things about colors and numbers, but for Rachel, the takeaways were even bigger.

Rachel graduated summa cum laude from Judson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications. She also studied multimedia design at De Montfort University in the UK. Having worked at companies both large and small, she understands the diverse challenges faced by user experience designers.

Today, Rachel has a diverse set of UX skills and expertise. She is also an advisor for Experiencing UX, an area meetup group.

When not contemplating the finer points of design, she can be found practicing yoga and romping with her dogs.